The World Surf League: A Partnership Like No Other. Why?

-- We understand and engage with millennials each and every day around the globe. This powerful, growing and highly influential audience is different from previous generations and we communicate with them in a voice that is both authentic and highly aspirational.

-- We have, unquestionably, the best surfers in the world competing on our tours, providing star power and leadership positioning to our partners.

-- We are creators each and every day. We produce and control all of our content and have 30 years of archives to use in building compelling stories with/for our partners.

-- We are a gateway to one of the most healthy, active, and desirable lifestyles on the planet.

-- We are in a growth business. Fortune estimates by 2017 the global surf industry will generate more than $13 billion. Worldwide participation is growing by +30 percent annually.

-- We are stewards of the environment. Our playing fields are the world's oceans and, as such, we have a platform and responsibility to take care of these precious resources.

-- Our reach is global/regional/national/local. With activities, events and broadcast platforms on six continents we can tailor a program to the geography that suits your brand needs.

-- We are marketers, who seek to collaborate with brands on programming that achieves measurable objectives and leaves the world a better place.

-- We like to have some fun along the way. Don't get us wrong, we are serious about our business and yours but if we can't get our stoke on every once in awhile we are doing something wrong.

Are you ready to ride with the World Surf League? To discuss how we might help your brand tap in to all the WSL has to offer, please email sponsorship@worldsurfleague.com.

World Surf League
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